Mandy Brake

I'm a Computer Engineer, Full-Stack Web Developer, Small Business Owner and Startup Founder.

My Bachelor's and Master's degrees were both in Electrical Engineering, from Northwestern University and Rice University, respectively. I mention this and some of the things on this page only because it matters to some people. I personally don't think educational achievements, where we work(ed) and titles should be the basis of how we network.

I have a diverse set of skills in engineering, programming, operations, online marketing and online advertising gained from 10 years working for Texas Instruments on embedded software and embedded hardware, and 10+ years helping to start and grow a family business (booking agency for teachers), an online worldwide C2C marketplace tech startup, and an innovative American English speaking and pronunciaton course.

I love working with my hands, and my hobbies include playing the piano, making crafts and making foods that are delicious and healthy. In my spare time, I help organize the Houston Language Partners group and enjoy spending time with my husband and 2 kids and playing and learning new boardgames. One of my favorite boardgames is 10 Days in Asia. Like all moms, I'm an expert multitasker, capable of meal prep and cooking while washing and folding laundry for the family and cleaning the house simultaneously. I am a proponent of waiting as long as possible before introducing a smartphone to a child. See Wait Until 8th.

You can find me on LinkedIn at, and on Twitter at @TechStartupMom.