Save The Children - Worldwide Child Sex Trafficking, Pedogate and Pizzagate

Worlwide child sex trafficking involving the rape, torture and murder of children is a much much bigger issue than most people realize. Once you understand how deep it goes and that the people and organizations we were taught to trust the most are actually involved, it will sicken you to your core. The #SaveTheChildren hashtag was recently banned on Facebook. Social media companies like Twitter and Facebook will let child porn stay on their platforms even after we repeatedly report and flag it, but anyone speaking out against child sex trafficking is censored and silenced. I have witnessed this censorship on social media and Youtube time and time again these past few years. Ask yourself, why would a hashtag about saving children be banned?

I started going down the research path into this in October 2016 when Wikileaks published the Podesta emails (John Podesta was Hillary Clinton's campaign Chairman) and spent thousands of hours of research on it. (To give some background, I was a Bernie supporter in 2016. As the corruption in the DNC showed itself that year, many of us #NeverHillary Bernie supporters started digging into the Wikileaks DNC emails that were released, the mysterious murder of Seth Rich, and eventually the Podesta emails.) These emails were the start of what's been known as "Pizzagate" due to the mention of a particular pizza restaurant in Washington D.C. called Comet Ping Pong, as well as odd mentions of "pizza" in the emails. Unlike what you've heard in the media, Pizzagate was never debunked, and was never about Hillary Clinton running a child trafficking ring in the basement of a pizza parlor. I have linked to resources on this page so you can go research for yourself.

To give a broader context of what Pizzagate has led to the discovery of, I'd like to start by taking a look at this Facebook post. Click the image to read the actual full length post on Facebook. UPDATE: This post has been taken down by Facebook. The full text of the post can be found in Jay Campbell's article. The link to that article is below this image. Marc Dutroux Anneke Lucas Belgium Pedophile Network story

Jay Campbell also provides additional helpful links in his article about that Facebook post in Child Trafficking: How A Centuries Old Crime ACTUALLY Starts (And Never Ends).

Independent Hollywood film producer John Paul Rice speaks out on child sex trafficking and people in Hollywood turning a blind eye to it. Amazon all of a sudden removed his movie "A Child's Voice" from their platform in over 70 countries without notice. This video is worth watching from beginning to end as he does a good job summarizing what people are coming to find out about worldwide child sex trafficking and murder. Original video post is from Instagram. (If you're unable to view this video, watch it on Bitchute here).

The documentary movie Out of Shadows, which talked about propaganada, MK Ultra mind control, CIA honeypot blackmail operations and Pizzagate, was watched by 8 million people in just the first week when it came out on Youtube earlier this year.
(This video has been CENSORED from Youtube. If it doesn't play, go to the Out of Shadows website, scroll down to "Out of Shadows Official" to view it.)

Coming back to Pizzagate. Comet Ping Pong, supposedly "family-friendly" pizza restaurant, is owned by James Alefantis, who is the ex-lover of David Brock (founder of Correct the Record and Media Matters). Keep the "family-friendly" part in mind because if you look into what James Alefantis posted on his public Instagram account (archived here and here as he has since removed a lot of it), as well as the artwork that was inside the restaurant and used for the promotion of their restaurant and music performers, they are not what a family-friendly business would want to be associated with. One image on Instagram posted by James Alefantis is actually pornographic (close up shot of sexual penetration), and I didn't want to embed it here. An anonymous user (who was also a former Bernie supporter) created the DC Pizzagate website to give a play-by-play of the findings of the online grassroots Pizzagate investigation. It is very detailed and links out to all the sources. If you really want to find out what Pizzagate is, that's the place to start. And a worthy read is what this anon wrote in 2016 near the bottom of that website page (after the memes) in Update 12/15 – A Philosophical Consideration of PizzaGate.
DC Pizzagate Website

Pizzagate led to finding out that child sex trafficking is global in scale, and many have in turn called it Pedogate. The mainstream media's tactic is to make something look so ridiculous that you would never even bother researching it yourself (that's what they want), and they will shame and ridicule those who publicly bring it up. Or, as recent news articles have done, they will say we are blowing it out of proportion and making human trafficking a much bigger deal than it is. I challenge you to go through everything on this page before making up your own mind.

For the longest time this has all been happening right under our watch going undetected because of "their" clever use of symbolism. Once you understand the symbolism they use and "their" language, you will see that it is all around us - in the toys that we buy for our kids, the movies that we watch, and the music that we listen to.

Example of Illuminati symbolism (666 hand sign and one eye Horus)

It's interesting that "Fake News" edged out "Pizzagate" in Google trends by only a couple of weeks, and how quickly Pizzagate died down as a result of the push of "Fake News". It's almost as though there was a deliberate public relations campaign to silence all things Pizzagate.
Google Trends Fake News vs. Pizzagate timeline

Journalist Sharyl Attikisson dug into the origins of the term "Fake News". Notice she talks about Media Matters. Where was that previously mentioned on this page?

Back to child trafficking and murder. Former Dutch banker Ronald Bernard, who helped the elites launder money, tells his story of being invited to participate in a child ritual sacrifice ceremony, and how that was his breaking point. Watch the roughly 4 minutes here. The original undubbed Dutch video came out in 2017. Please watch the interview in its entirety to get context of his background.

At the 2018 International Tribunal for Natural Justice (ITNJ) Judicial Commission of inquiry into human trafficking and child sex abuse, Chief Counsel Robert David Steele (former CIA agent) talks about how children are bred to be sold into trafficking and don't have birth certificates, which makes it easier to kill them:

Dutch banker Ronald Bernard (from the previous video) tells his personal story as a perpetrator AND a survivor of child sexual abuse, and the psychological dissociation that children of this kind of trauma go through. This leads to a vicious cycle of victim becoming a future abuser. This is at the same ITNJ Judicial Commission event:

"Secrets of the CIA's Global Sex Slave Industry" by Dr. Sue Arrigo talks about the economics and lifespan of a child sex slave. There is a lot of info in this article and is an important read. Dr. Sue Arrigo Secrets of the CIA Global Sex Slave Industry

Most people have never heard of The Finders Cult (a CIA front group) and the Franklin Coverup. The Finders Cult and Franklin Coverup Scandal
"Despite the name - Finders Keepers - denoting procurers or finders of children kept as pedophile slaves, the CIA front that trafficked children for the elite has by careful design remained an obscure, strange footnote in history. But this gross omission conveniently disregards the compelling evidence acting as tangible proof that the Finders was a CIA front organization caught in the act of abducting and moving very young children across both US state lines as well as international borders, functionally serving as a first conduit link to the highly organized child sex slave trafficking pipeline controlled by the most powerful evildoers on earth. And it’s no accident that this scandal centered in Washington DC was operating at the exact same time and place as the very much related Franklin scandal occurring throughout the Reagan-Bush years of the 1980’s."

Former FBI chief Ted Gunderson devoted his life after retiring from the FBI to blow the whistle on The Franklin Scandal and "government-sponsored secret operations including mind control, child abduction, sexual abuse of children, sexual enslavement, human trafficking, auctioning of children and the use of kidnapped children for secret experimentation and ritual murder.
Youtube video link is here:

I have made a page with 13 videos that were part of the series "Out of Darkness Into The Light" created by Jake Morphonios, which was well presented and researched. He opens the video series with Pizzagate, and then leads into the Franklin Scandal and the history of the occult. This video series has been censored from Youtube and is now difficult to find.
From Death of a Supermafia by Martin Geddes
"To gain access to this supermafia — whose tentacles run through endless familiar and trusted institutions — you need to pass the “entrance exam”. This involves disclosing your darkest secrets, and doing illegal acts that bind you to their system of crime. The arrival of photography and videography has turbocharged these blackmail networks in the last century.
Places like Epstein Island are blackmail centres. Paedophilia is a “basic level” activity to gain kompromat. As you seek access to higher levels of criminal power, you have to perform more depraved acts. There are images I don’t want to be responsible for putting in your head. The time will come for the public to know, and there will be a managed process of disclosure.
The consequence of this blackmail is that everyone “in the club” knows that everyone else is blackmailed. In the same way that a VISA or Mastercard logo on a retailer window is a trustmark for a legitimate commerce network, they have a “reverse trustmark” for a global crime network.
You can socially signal your insider status — handshakes, clothing, jewellery for example— and you are given access to its illegitimate power."

President Trump's Executive Order Blocking the Property of Persons Involved in Serious Human Rights Abuse or Corruption, issued on December 21, 2017: President Trump Executive Order Blocking Property of Persons Involved in Serious Human Rights Abuse Corruption December 2017

Those who know cannot sleep. Q post 586 on January 22, 2018. (Highlight is my emphasis.) Q post 586 - Those who know cannot sleep.

Top FBI Official Made ‘Crimes Against Children’ Note in Connection to Anthony Weiner’s Devices from The Epoch Times - June 19, 2018. Anthony Weiner is Huma Abedin's husband. Abedin was Hillary Clinton's right-hand woman. Weiner's laptop contained several hundred thousand of Hillary Clinton's emails, and he had a file folder on his laptop that was called "Insurance". See Inspector General Report at the top of page 294 for the mention of "Crime Against Children". Clinton Foundation Crime Against Children in Inspector General Report

Sydney Powell, Counsel for General Michael Flynn, said that when New York police officers, who were hardened investigators, saw the contents on Anthony Weiner's laptop, they literally had to go throw up, and that it was bad.

Q drop 4566 from July 2, 2020 - Crimes against children will be the common denominator, regardless of political affiliation, that will awaken the mass population. (Highlight is my emphasis.) Q drop 4566 - Crimes against children will be common denominator and trigger mass population awakening.

Trump's tweet from October 8, 2012. He knew about the children.
"Got to do something about these missing chidlren grabbed by the perverts. Too many incidents--fast trial, death penalty." Trump tweet 2012 - missing chidlren grabbed by perverts, fast trial, dealth penalty.

So did General Michael Flynn. From November 4, 2016:
"God knows w/ new #PodestaEmails29 how much Children need our help...Thank you @MELANIATRUMP for your sacrifice. @LindaSuhler @DanScavino" General Michael Flynn tweet about Podesta emails and children needing our help.

And so did Andrew Breitbart. From February 4, 2011. He died suddenly March of 2012.
"How prog-guru John Podesta isn't household name as world class underage sex slave op cover-upperer defending unspeakable dregs escapes me." Andrew Breitbart tweet on John Podesta

This is part of Q post 153 from November 14, 2017. Worth pondering. Q drop 153 - why did Trump run for POTUS?

I've mentioned Q drops a few times here. If you would like more information on what Q and QAnon is, please see my post on Beginner's Guide to QAnon and The Great Awakening.

"If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor." - Desmond Tutu