Web Developer
I'm a Full-Stack Web Developer with 7 years of experience in LAMP stack, PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, Bootstrap & Responsive Design, and 2 years of experience working with Wordpress and Hubspot. Most recently, I have been coding in ReactJS and working with the AWS serverless stack.

I got into serious web development in 2012 while working on a bootstrapped tech startup venture LRNGO.com, which I co-founded. We outsourced the initial development to an overseas team, but it became clear early on that we needed to pull the development back in-house. I learned a bunch of HTML and CSS online, and then found a teacher who taught me roughly 10 hours worth of PHP, Javascript, MVC and Git, and got into the coding action.

In 2014, responsive websites were starting to be touted as the new requirement moving forward, and we realized we needed to make LRNGO.com mobile responsive since roughly half of our visitors were coming from mobile devices around the world. I spent a couple months learning Bootstrap on my own, and then with the help of a few interns that I trained, we changed all of our website pages to mobile responsive within 4 months. Since then, making sites (either existing sites or new ones) mobile responsive is an expertise of mine, and is something I can do with ease.

I enjoy coding websites from scratch with just code and a text editor. That's my happy place. Below are some examples of my previous work. Click the image to go to the actual webpage. If you would like to get a glimpse of my design aesthestic, all examples except for the iland ones (the last four on this page) should give you an idea, as we didn't have any designers on those projects. All sites are mobile responsive.

When I used to teach HTML and CSS classes, I liked to use this simple site I made for my brother as an example and teaching tool of what is possible with just basic HTML and CSS code, and Notepad++. Here's the homepage (click image to go to webpage):
And here's the second page:

This is the homepage of our tech startup venture which I originally coded in 2014 (and it hasn't really been updated since then):

This is a Google Adwords PPC landing page for LRNGO specifically targeting English language learners. We were using this page to test demand for a product, and this page and the page it linked to (at the time) resulted in 149 clicks of our payment button on a $15.10 Adwords spend, and a theoretical return of 50x:

Here is another site I coded from scratch without the use of Wordpress or any CMS, and the design is my own:
And here is another page from that site that was coded without the use of Wordpress or any CMS:

At iland, the marketing team decided to move their automation tools from Hubspot to Pardot, and as a result 100+ Hubspot landing pages needed to be moved out of Hubspot within a 3 month period. The solution I came up with was to create a Wordpress landing page and a thank you page template using Wordpress PHP with Advanced Custom Fields working within the existing Genesis Framework, and made a custom backend Wordpress CMS so that the demand generation team could go in and easily select which modular sections they wanted to add to the landing pages when they were building them. It also allowed for customization of font styling, background colors, quick adding of embedded videos and call-to-action buttons, and swapping of header menus etc. This made it so that entire landing pages and thank you pages could be built by team members in a matter of minutes, and the pages were already mobile responsive as soon as they were built. This is one of the landing page examples (Click image to go to the webpage. If the webpage is no longer working properly, which could be the case as I have no control over it anymore, here is a larger image):

I also built a way for the landing page text, including labels on the forms, to be switched into French or Dutch with the simple selection of a dropdown box from the backend CMS. Here is one of the French landing pages (Click image to go to the webpage. Again, if the webpage isn't working, here is a larger image):

At iland, I used Javascript to create custom pricing calculators to compute service costs based on pricing data from the product team that was given to me in an Excel table. Here are two examples of the same calculator - one half-page width and one full-page width. The graphic designer gave me the layout mockup of the calculator to implement. Here is the half-page interactive pricing calculator: (Click image to go to the webpage. If the calculator isn't working anymore, here is a larger image)

Full-page interactive pricing calculator: (Click image to go to the webpage. If the calculator isn't working anymore, here is a larger image)