Things that I'm working on.

We started LRNGO (pronounced "learn-go") with the idea that we are all each other's greatest resource. Why not help each other learn and find each other through a platform where you can list your skills and find others either near you or online who would like to trade learning with you time-for-time (for instance, I'll teach you an hour of French if you teach me an hour of sewing). We don't all see ourselves as teachers, but everyone in this world is capable of imparting knowledge to others. The LRNGO marketplace is for buying, selling and trading of skills and knowledge with other people. If you've never taught before, you can get teaching experience by trading lessons with others for free. Once you've mastered teaching, you can start earning money teaching others by charging a fee. We bootstrapped this startup and didn't take on outside funding. LRNGO has 40,000 users in 190+ countries around the world.

Teachers To Go
Since 2007, Teachers To Go has been bringing certified teachers to the homes and locations of clients for all subjects and activities. We specialize in successful one-to-one learning matches between teachers and students, and have thousands of teachers in our network in the United States.

24hr English
Speaking English is not the same as reading and writing it and uses a completely different set of rules. We created this American English online speaking and accent reduction course specifically for those who have learned English for many years but who have trouble with the sounds and pronunciation of the words and sentences in American English.

Houston Language Partners
Houston Language Partners is an on-the-ground community group of Houstonians who want to help each other learn languages. The Language Partners concept is that conversation partners match up in pairs and meet weekly to learn each other's language and culture in a Language Exchange. (For instance: I’ll help you learn English for a half hour, if you teach me Spanish for a half hour.) We started the group in 2013 and have over 6000 members in the Houston area.

Mandy's Piano Corner
I had been playing piano since a very young age, but never had a lot of discipline to practice. However, I love the feeling of playing music. I decided recently to start recording my piano playing and put it up as videos with raw unedited audio as a way to leave my mark of creating something beautiful in this world, even with all the flaws.